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Black Hole Tilt Table

4.7 ( 7627 ratings )
Ігри Розваги Аркади
Розробник: Paul Masson
0.99 USD

Remember those quirky little ball-bearing games you played as a child, where you had to get all of the balls into little holes in a cardboard image? Now you can play it on your iPhone or iPod Touch in a space-age update!

A new game opens with one black hole and one ball. Tilt your device to maneuver the ball into the hole, and WHOOSH! you move to the next level in a blaze of color, arriving at a new black hole field with one more hole and ball. At each level, you must get one ball into each hole to continue on to a higher level.

But beware: these arent ordinary black holes. Tilt or shake your device too much, and the balls will fall out of the holes. Trying to put two balls into one hole will get the second one bounced away at an arbitrary angle and velocity. And if you take too long to fill them, the black holes will start repulsing your balls when their time is up.

And the balls have the mind of gas molecules: sometimes they decide to stick together rather than bounce off each other. Just give your device a quick shake to loosen them up.

The challenge is to fill all holes quickly enough to move up to higher and higher levels. It takes a steady hand when there are more than five black holes visible, along with deft and gentle tilting and twisting. If you can get to level ten, youre rock steady and clever!

Under your settings for the app, you can choose the precise color of your balls with RGB sliders, as well as disable sound or set the app to always start with a new game. Your last black hole field automatically saves upon exit, if you want to take a break and resume later.

For the more nimble, increasing the difficulty slider decreases the size of the black holes and repulsion time. But be forewarned: a difficulty of "Impossible" is truly that!